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How many inTouch800 accounts do I need?
A single account can send your calls to a single telephone number at any one time. If your call centre is split into separate groups (or in separate geographical areas) with individual access telephone numbers, you will need an inTouch800 account for each group. If your call centre is accessed via a single telephone number, you can use a single inTouch800 account and use the real-time reporting facilities to inform your operators which website, page or product the customer was looking at when they requested the call-back.
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How many buttons can I have on my website?
You may place as many buttons and links to your call-back form as you like. The more prominent your buttons, the more prospective customers will use your free call-back facility and the more benefit you’ll gain from it.
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How long does the call-back process take?
Over 95% of users request an immediate call back. If the call-back solution is using the Call Centre Edition they will receive their call within a couple of seconds. If using the Professional Edition your call centre will be called immediately and then as soon as your operator answers and accepts the call the user will be dialled.
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What happens if a customer tries to request a call-back when our office is closed?
The user will receive a message saying that your offices are closed. They can also request a call-back “tomorrow”, or the next time your office is open.
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What happens if the call doesn’t get through to either my call centre or the customer?
You will be sent an email containing all the customer’s details so that you can return the call at a later date. This information can also be found in the online control panel. If the customer entered their email address, they will also receive an email confirming that you have received their request and that they will receive a call in due course. The content of this email is entirely configurable via the online control panel.
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Which inTouch800 solution is best for me?
My call centre has a direct dial in (DDI) facility with no call queuing
The inTouch800 Professional solution calls your call centre first and plays important information about the customer to your operator. If all your call centre’s lines are busy, you will be sent the customer’s details and they will be sent an email explaining that you will call them as soon as possible so that their expectations are well managed.
I want my operators to know who they’re talking to, and which page the customer is looking at
The inTouch800 Professional solution calls your call centre first and plays important information about the customer to your operator. This can include the customer’s name, company, date of birth, and the page, product or service the customer was looking at when they requested the call back. This way your operator knows exactly what the customer is interested in and can focus the sales process accordingly.
My call centre is behind an Automated Call Distribution platform or Front-of-House application that all callers must navigate to find the correct department
The inTouch800 Call Centre edition calls your customer first and then puts them through to your call centre. They are then free to navigate your Front-of-House menu system in the usual way.

I need to set up multiple accounts because I want to spread my calls across all my call centres
If you require more than 10 accounts, the inTouch800 Enterprise solution may be the most cost-effective. This allows you to create and manage as many accounts as you need for a one-off set-up fee and a monthly management charge.

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Do you offer reseller packages so that I can supply the inTouch800 call-back solution to my clients?
Yes, please call or email us to discuss your requirements.
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