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inTouch800 is a call-back solution added to your website in the shape of a pop-up window or integrated “contact us” form.
Your website visitor enters their name, telephone number and email address (and any other information you would like) and chooses a time to be called (95% of users request “now”).

The inTouch800 platform then calls both parties and within seconds you are talking to a prospective customer while they are still focussed on your website.

Neither you nor your website visitors require any additional hardware or software to use the inTouch800 call-back solution, and it can be installed into your website in minutes.
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inTouch800 can increase your sales, improve your marketing efficiency and boost customer retention. more...
Our interactive movie demonstrates the user experience and shows how the inTouch800 call-back solution works. more...
Find out which solution will work best for you, and learn about the unique value-added functional modules available. more...
inTouch800 includes a host of features which provide a superior user experience and make it the most cost-effective solution available. more…
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