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Every inTouch800 solution offers missed call email notification, full international coverage and out-of-hours support as standard. The specific benefits and requirements of each are presented below.
inTouch800 Professional
This is suitable when you want your call centre operators to automatically know the name of the customer and other details (such as the product they are interested in) before they speak to the customer. This solution requires that your call centre has a direct dial in (DDI) facilities with no front-of-house or call queuing.
inTouch800 Call Centre
This solution gives an extremely fast response to the customer and then automatically puts them through to your call centre. This is useful when your call centre does not have a direct dial number but has a front-of-house or queuing system. The customer’s details are not read to your call centre operator, although it may be possible for them to know that it is a call from your website.
inTouch800 Enterprise
This solution gives you the ability to create and manage unlimited inTouch800 Professional and Call Centre accounts using our online control panel. It is very cost-effective if you require more than 10 accounts.
In addition to the standard solutions, inTouch800 offers unique tools and modules that improve your marketing response, increase your sales and reduce your costs.
Text Trigger Module
Let your customers request a free call-back via SMS text message, increasing your marketing response from mobile users who often cannot make free calls from their handsets. It can be used as a very effective call-to-action on TV, radio, print and billboard advertising to send hot leads directly to your call centre.
eCommerce Module
Increase your sales by capturing customers who aren’t comfortable paying online and encouraging them to pay by telephone. Transaction costs are low because the payment is handled by an automated credit/debit card platform, and the ability to automatically pass an order reference gives a seamless user experience and immediate reconciliation when payment is received.
Multiple Destinations
This inTouch800 module allows a single account to distribute your calls to multiple telephone numbers within your organisation or call centres. It can be used to efficiently route enquiries to specific departments, or to fit in with your current call reporting systems.
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