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inTouch800 has many features that makes it the leading call-back solution by maximising the customer experience, its ease of administration and its reporting and management tools.
inTouch800 uses high-quality telephone services to field your calls, and no special equipment is required.
Control Panel
A comprehensive yet easy to use online control panel lets you manage your account and settings 24 hours a day.
Call statistics and reporting is available at any time to view caller details and track marketing campaigns, referrals and affiliates.
inTouch800 uses premium-quality telephone connectivity from leading global network providers to ensure that call quality is crystal clear.
24x7 access to our easy to use control panel lets you manage your opening hours, branding, security and notification settings.
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Quick-view call history shows all the information that the client provides, and includes pending, actioned and completed calls.
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No special software or equipment is required by either your organisation or your customers to use the inTouch800 call-back solution.
Change your call centre’s contact telephone number instantly to cope with Disaster Recovery situations.
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More comprehensive Call Detail Records (CDRs) can be downloaded at any time for billing and data analysis.
inTouch800 Professional uses high quality Text-to-Speech technology from the industry leader Nuance to play the customer’s name and other details to your call centre operators.
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Call Barring allows you to choose which destinations you want to accept calls to, and Guard provides automatic security tracking.
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All marketing and referrer information is held within the Call Detail Record (CDR) ready for analysis by spreadsheet or database.
The ‘spot’ feature can read useful information to your call centre operator about the location of the button or the product being viewed.
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Timetable feature gives you the ability to divert your calls to different destinations depending on the time of day or day of the week.
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Caller information is available as soon as a call is requested on your website, 24 hours a day from the online control panel.
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